Dr. K. SHAJIKUTTY is the Chairman and Founder of the KSK Group of Companies and a Ph.D. holder in industrial project management from the Sorbonne University.

Dr. K. Shajikutty is an exceptionally accomplished professional in the field of Industrial EPCM, boasting an impressive track record of over 29 years. Throughout his career, he has consistently achieved remarkable growth and success in a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Energy and Petrochemical industries. As one of the co-founders and former Managing Director of a prominent EPC company, renowned as a leading Industrial Services Contractor in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Shajikutty played a crucial role in the organization's development and provided dynamic leadership for a span of 14 years.

Alongside his position at the EPC contractor, Dr. Shajikutty has undertaken the establishment of multiple thriving ventures. He is the visionary founder behind KSK Engineers Ltd., KSK Properties Pvt. Ltd., PDR Exports, PDR Rigs, KSK International Bahrain, KSK Group UAE, Team Global Sources UAE, KSK General Trading Dubai, and KSK International Saudi Arabia. These enterprises embody his entrepreneurial drive and exemplify his dedication to offering holistic solutions within their respective industries.

Dr. K. Shajikutty brings a wealth of professional experience and exceptional business acumen to the table. Notably, he holds international certifications in costing and estimation, project controls, techno-commercial mega project proposals, contracts management, quality analysis and control, project management, time management, planning and scheduling.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. K. Shajikutty, he has successfully served on numerous prestigious projects, including the Khurais ARAMCO project with Saipem, Manifa ARAMCO project, Sipchem grassroots project, SABIC E & PM, as well as various turnarounds, shutdowns, and revamp initiatives.

r. Shajikutty holds immense value in teamwork and has consistently demonstrated exceptional success in this area. He believes in recognizing the worth of each individual employee as an asset for any organization. One of Dr. Shajikutty’ s key strengths lies in his ability to foster the growth of employees by prioritizing their skill enhancement through effective training programs and the sharing of his own valuable experiences. He recognizes the importance of empowering individuals with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in their roles, and he actively cultivates a culture of continuous learning within the organization.

A man of Principle who is committed to employing the best Management Practices in Corporate Governance, Dr. K Shajikutty strives to ensure that the KSK Group of Companies adheres to and complies with the highest standards in quality control and assurance standards that set the benchmark for the KSK Group of Companies across its business operations. Under his able leadership and guidance, The KSK Group of Companies places its priority on sustainable development and delivering maximum value to its customers and stakeholders alike.

As a Humanitarian and Philanthropist, Dr.. K. Shajikutty has founded, and serves as the Managing trustee of the KSK Charitable Trust which heads a number of humanitarian activities including; providing financial and medical aid for the destitute, educational assistance for the financially and socially deprived, as well as a number of other community and social welfare programs.